March 2009 For Gemini

March 2009 for Gemini


The sun and Uranus is joining Uranus in your house of social status to fight Saturn. The two are a tremendous boost to your career. Will you fight your home/family to win a higher post? There is a conflict. You are likely to be proud of your work, pouring originality and creativity into it but don’t overlook the responsibilities at home.

Venus is in Aries blessing your friendships, but starting the 20th it will contrast with Pluto in your 8th house. Will one of your friends die? Will you leave an association or group? Is it to join another? Are you departing a beloved? Is there someone telling stories about you, to break your friendships? Beware of any destructive force or opposition you might encounter as the months ends.

Mercury and Mars are heading for your house of social status also, but Mercury is a lot faster than Mars. Mercury will join the Sun and Uranus on the 20th and so the careers opportunities are looking amazing; but the opposition of your home/mother/early environment/roots will accentuate also. Before that Mars is still treading behind very close to Neptune in your house of travel and higher education. Don’t make quick and hasty decisions or get delusional over what can or can’t be done between the 1st and the 20th regarding this house, because Mars and Neptune are a bad combination.


Summary: Read the above again.

kallindo kallindo
26-30, M
Feb 26, 2009