March 2009 For Leo

March 2009 for Leo


The sun and Uranus will meet in Pisces, so you can gain money through different ways. People, like your family or friends (maybe your sweetheart) might offer help unexpectedly, especially when you’re heading for sudden expenditures. These expenditures might be over any recreational occasion or any project that you’re proud of doing this month. Chunky payments over taxes or fees are also probable. Be aware that Saturn in your money sector is waiting for you to make the smallest mistake so it can punish you for spending the money you should have kept or invested with. The sun and Uranus will boost your sexual relationships and all your deeply committed relationships (affairs/marriage/business) this month. If looking for marriage, this month will preserve the chance to meet your one.

Venus is going retrograde starting the 6th and will clash with Pluto on the 20th. You will screw up with your studies/travels/religion/law/ethics and this might affect your health/duties/job/performance at work.

Mercury and Mars will head forward. The sun was the first to leave the Aquarius sign; Mercury will be the second to depart that sign on the 8th, leaving Mars which will remain there with Neptune until the 15th. The Aquarian crowd of last month has exhausted you with marital or business endeavors. After Mercury will leave, pressure will lighten, but the bad news is that Mars and Neptune are still there, together. The combination is bad, Mars will give you energy of impulsiveness and Neptune will deceive you. This means that you’re going the wrong way. Check and double check things; don’t get aggressive or delusional. If working in the field of art or music, then this combination could be good for you. 


Summary: It’s a fairly good month for you, Leo.


kallindo kallindo
26-30, M
Feb 26, 2009