March 2009 For Virgo

March 2009 for Virgo


The sun and Uranus are in the “us” sector and Saturn is in the “I” sector for you Virgo and the three are fighting. Old problems of communications between you and your partner/spouse will resurface again. Saturn implies that you’re the one holding dearly to your opinions. The stubborn face of Virgo will re-emerge. The sun in Pisces is opposing your natal sun Virgo, take good care of your health. Create some common space for you and your partners. Spend more time with them and learn to share your life. If you’re married/are partner to someone younger/less experienced than you are, then they will show you the young and rebellious part of them this month and Saturn will back you up with all the wisdom you need to resolve the problems between the two of you. Avoid escalations as they might lead to divorce!

Venus’s retrograde and clash with Pluto is underlining your poor marital and business partnerships. Don’t let the kids pay the consequences of your fights!

Mercury and Mars will head forward. The sun was the first to leave the Aquarius sign; Mercury will be the second to depart that sign on the 8th. The Aquarian crowd of last month has brought beautiful times at work. Mars, Jupiter and Neptune are still there. The company of the three is 30% good and 70% bad; catch any opportunity to improve your skills but don’t be/make overly ambitious decisions.


Summary: Your marriage, your work and your health; take care of these three.


kallindo kallindo
26-30, M
Feb 26, 2009