March 2009 For Scorpio

March 2009 for Scorpio


The sun and Uranus are together in your house of pleasure. Enjoy this month as planets are moving through this house of yours. Behave and you might win a few new friends while practicing a game. Misbehave and you’ll lose a few. Don’t show off.


Venus’s retrograde and clash with Pluto is underlining the strain at work! Your potentially bad communications/studies will get in the way of your advancement at work and they might affect your health too.


Mercury and Mars are heading forward. The sun was the first to leave the Aquarius sign; Mercury will be the second to depart that sign on the 8th. The Aquarian crowd of last month has brought tough times of commitment to the home. Mars, Jupiter and Neptune are still there this month. The company of the three in that house is bad. Don’t get abusive at home. Your aggressiveness will intimidate your friends.


Summary: Watch it with the two worlds: The office and the home.


kallindo kallindo
26-30, M
Feb 26, 2009