March 2009 For Capricorn

March 2009 for Capricorn


The sun and Uranus are together in your communication sector and mental problems. Erratic and sudden mental breakdowns could be on the way. Hold on to yourself. Your higher studies or religion/law/ethics issues will continue to suffer. Your bank of knowledge/wisdom/culture is clashing with your closest environment. Closest environment could be your home, your friends, your neighbors, siblings, relatives or colleagues. Your ideals are clashing with your people.


Venus in your home sector will oppose Pluto in your sign! You will quarrel with your mom. You will dispute with your husband/children. It won’t be easy. Don’t destroy your strongest bonds!


Mercury and Mars will head forward. The sun was the first to leave the Aquarius sign; Mercury will be the second to depart that sign on the 8th, leaving Mars which will remain there with Neptune until the 15th. The Aquarian crowd of last month should have brought you tremendous self-esteem, large revenues and lucrative deals and contracts. Now that Mars with Neptune are there, juxtaposed, bad financial moves will occur if you don’t study your projects thoroughly.  


Summary: Release the stubbornness!


kallindo kallindo
26-30, M
Mar 1, 2009