March 2009 For Aquarius

March 2009 for Aquarius


The sun and Uranus are together in your house of money and self-worth. There is more rejection from you to get involved in a partnership. Your erratic behavior will intensify as Uranus and the sun are quarreling with Saturn in your partnership sector. You’re lost between succumb and revolt this month. To some of you, this could mean that you’re still debating with your partner/spouse about getting fully involved (financially or otherwise) in a common project.


Venus in your communication sector is clashing with Pluto in your house of mysticism. A powerful problem/work behind the scenes will affect your communications.


Mercury and Mars will head forward. The sun was the first to leave the Aquarius sign; Mercury will be the second to depart that sign on the 8th, leaving Mars which will remain there with Neptune until the 15th. The Aquarian crowd of last month should have swept you with a great bundle of feelings. Jupiter made you appear cheerful, Mercury made you appear talkative, Mars made you appear energetic and Neptune made you appear dreamy.  Now that Mars and Neptune are conjunct there, you will bounce between dreamy/relaxed and hostile/energetic. 


Summary: Erratic!


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kallindo, what about predictions for 2010 ? i like what you write and see some truths. . . . . . . . so this is for everyone on ep who was wondering about more predictions, i will speak up for them too !! sorry for being direct, but i speak as i find !