I Do Lurrrrve To Read

I tend to go through phases with what kind of books I read. Sometimes it's fantasy. Sometimes teen 'crap', as I call it, y'know the type where you can read without really switching your brain on.  I'm a Mercedes Lackey fan for my fantasy moments. 

At the moment tho, I'm all into getting better from my disorder (dum dum dum DUM).  So, I've got, let's see, The Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Skills workbook; The Borderline Personality Disorder survival guide; Borderline Personality Disorder Demystified , these are for when I'm in the living room and The Borderline and the Buddha for bed.  My favourite, favourite workbook right now tho is Get out of your mind and into your life by Steven Hayes. I got to say, I am a bit of a Hayes fan. My kitchen book that i've just started was a birthday pressie and is called The Legacy, by Katherine Webb; hmmmm, jurie's out on that one at the mo.  And of course, my bathroom book, which is Uncle John's Big Bathroom Reader which has lots of facts about God, the world and everything.

Hmm, just had a thought.  Does anybody else list their books by where they read them in the house?  Course they could also be listed according to which mood I'm in.........   ok, shutting up now.

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I believe that it's an good idea to have some books by part in the house. That makes it possible to reserve privileged spaces. A space, a book. It's well.<br />
At home, one finds books of science in the office, of the novels or thrillers in the living room, of poetry in the slept room and of philosophy beside my PC.<br />
That varied the pleasures and thus allows a better energy balance of the reading.<br />
<br />
Nice post, thanks to share. :)

Ah-ha! I'm not the only one with the room arrangement thing. Cool :) You certainly read a wide variety of books, Julie.

My lil list isn't exhaustive. I've more than 1.600 books at home. lol
Sometimes we do a 'vacuum cleaner' and give to municipal bookstore. Thus other people can also take advantage.

Thanks, poetry is mind relaxing. :)