My Record Is 25.

When I was younger I had a ton of books. I happened to be a kid who could read above her level. So not all the books I was reading were children's books. I remember I had them all laid out on my bedroom floor one day. I was just in my own little world. My mom didn't hear any noise in my room. She thought she would go into my room (she would do this and read my diary cause she believed I was doing drugs. Which I wasn't I was having mental promblems from all the drama.) Anyway when she just opened my door she seen me reading and all the books. She asked what are you doing? I told her I was reading can't you see? then she noticed some ofthe books and she was surprised. She didn't know where some of them came from. I told her that some teachers were giving me thier old books cause I was one of the only kids who was interested in them. She also noticed that a bookmark was in all of them. She counted and said 25. Is that how many there is. She didn't believe that I was reading them all at once so I told her what was going on in all of them. Now I can't even remember some of those books!
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YOu sound like you would've been some serious competish at the Summer Reading program when I was younger. Like you, not everything I read was childrens books. (Most of them weren't actually, Stephen King is deff. not kid material) Heheh.