When And What

I admit that reading for pleasure is not something I put aside a special time to do. Instead, I read when I'm commuting, or in a place for extended periods of time when I'd otherwise be not doing much. I used to carry four or five books with me everywhere, so that I could read a chapter or a short story at a time on line anywhere like the post office (for example), on a plane or train, even at a ballpark during the 7th inning stretch.

When I was working from home, my reading rate went down down down -- because I no longer commuted by rail to work and back. I used to read in bed, but I found I'd read and read till the book was done -- not good for my day to day.

I make rules about how much to read ... I read the first paragraph of any spread and then check to see where I am in line or on the commute, and gauge if I can read to the next left page spread. Or else I'm likely to miss my place in line or my stop! (It's happened.)

The book I read is the one I have on hand. At any given time, I might be reading a cookbook, a novel, a collection of short stories, or a magazine. I like non-fiction, so there will usually be a biography or article anthologies, too. I carry a big bag; these days, it's all on the iPad, but I still pick up books and magazines which interest me.

It might take me a few days to get through it all, depending on what I'm doing or where I'm going, or it may take me months. One book might get read consistently, depending on my mood or how well the book is written. It may even depends on deadlines, because I will read on work subjects, too.

The times I find myself lugging around books that are nearing their ends make me nervous. What if I have nothing left to read? I've discovered that I like to go back to some chapters to reread them -- this is a type of indulgence for me.

I simply enjoy reading, and I guess what I'm reading doesn't have to connect any dots. Since I'm peripatetic about when I read, what I read isn't all that important, either. Then, too, I grew up with a dyslexia problem, and have discovered that putting the data into my head in whatever order didn't seem to affect my enjoyment or the way I processed information. Perhaps this is a manifestation of that original issue, too?
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ecstaticdynamics, and yet shortcuts infer that only the destination matters. there isn't an end-game; my major guideline is to live so that i do not regret.

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