I Have Read objects For a Long Time Now

I'm not sure at what age I first picked up a personal object of a stranger's, and knew that I could see some of the intimate details of their life in my mind's eye. It started happening very slowly, over time...from about the age of 10 years old on.  It was never family items (I have now come to realize that these possessions are simply too close to my heart), but items belonging to strangers; it first started when I would go to garage sales with my grandmother. Anything I would pick up, I would instantly see a face, or a scene in my mind about that persons family, or I would hear a name, or see a baby...just little things. It built up over time, though...so much though that eventually I couldn't even go to a museum without feeling smothered with images and feelings; it's almost as if everything in the museum was screaming at me at once, like a thousand voices in one room screaming for my attention to touch them NOW. There was once a time that I went to Alaska, and while I was in Skagway, I went to a very old museum there where there was a display of a very famous shipwreck - the SS Princess Sophia - and I was able to touch and study various items that were on display there from the wreckage. Suddenly the most horrible feeling I've ever felt came over me - it felt like I was suffocating and drowning all at once - I started to panic and thought I was going to start screaming, so I ran down the isle and out the museum doors as fast as I could, and got back on the bus that took us back to the ship. Even when I calmed down, I still felt like I was hyperventilating on the bus ride back. All I could see was those people trapped and drowning in dark, black water...I could see items floating by my face, I could see women and little kids trying to scream and instead sucking in water. It was terrible. I still dread going into museums because of that day...my husband always wants to go antiquing, too, but sometimes I'm scared to hold those things. What if I see something terrible again? What will I do?

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i have this curse/ gift too. can also tell if someonesgood or bad. dead or alive. I practiced as a child at antique stores when i was with my mom. I never told anyone about this till i met my fiance. Im alot better at it now. I can read a person just by shaking their hand. Ever wonder why me?

"when someone is hurt or missing. Then I wouldn't take it back for the world"<br />
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Well said!

You're right, Koalaguy, it hasn't been a whole lot of fun having this so-called 'gift'. Until I got older, as a teenager, and began to understand what I was seeing and feeling on a better level, I was pretty much terrified every time it happened. I used to think that I was the only person like this, too, (which made me afraid to talk to anyone about it), but when more and more people on television started coming out of the woodwork to put their capabilities on display, gradually, little by little, I began to relax. I still don't always like to give these kind of readings - for some reason, reading with ob<x>jects make me feel the most vulnerable. Sometimes, it is a gift though, especially when someone is hurt or missing. Then I wouldn't take it back for the world.

My initial reaction is to say "Wow, that's cool!", but after what you've described I'm more likely to say "I'm glad it's not me that has this gift". Has anyone expressed an interest in testing your ability?

You read ob<x>jects...<br />
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I read people.