Loving Death

About seven years ago, I met, dated, and fell in love with a girl who was one week shy of being three years my junior. Nearly six years ago, she died from complications of diabetes.

During our time together, we discovered a shared love for Neil, and her family exposed me to the Sandman series. I never reaaly read the series until a few months ago, but back then, I flipped through the pages of a few of the books.

I noticed -- and when I voiced my observation, I learned I was far from alone in seeing it -- that my love bore a striking resemblance to Death.

They dressed the same, had the same body type, similar hair, same personality... for all she made no conscious effort to doing so.

When I read the series earlier this past year, I discovered a note on one of the pages, suggesting that every hundred years or so, Death lived as a human and among humans, to better understand her duties.

I don't think it's too much a stretch to think it's possible, and I have so little hope in my life these days, every little bit helps. I have long believed that all fiction stories have some hidden truths in them, but are painted as fiction for those who are not ready to believe.

I have always had trouble with faith, and yet I find it easy to believe that she was Death, reincarnate, and experienced life, love, death, and all our pain.

I hope to join her again.
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I love Sandman Preclude & Noturnes and Brief Lives