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This guy is seeing a young, hot chick but it seems that her mother is really interested and is so excited to get to know the guy’s **** better…

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It all started out when we were 19 and liked to dance and have fun. We would go out to dance clubs and have a few drinks. This age was something really exceptional for we could spend hours on drinking and having fun, without sleeping or having rest. To say the truth, the period between 18 and 22 was the drinking age! We had a regular dance hall where we would go every Sat night for wild dances and drink.

I had a girlfriend. She was of my age and she was a very nice person. We would go everywhere together because we liked each other and were very close and friendly. One day her mother asked if she could go with us and we said no problem. We went to the dance club, the girl and I danced and I was getting hot and horny. During the dances I was getting excited and I could feel my **** getting erect for my girlfriend was rubbing her *** against my body. Well, I think her mother could see how horny and hard I was getting on, but it was normal for us, we had not had sex. However her mom hadn’t ever seen us fooling around, and it was the first time she ever saw us being so horny! She was OK with that because she was not conservative and realized that sex between young people is a deal-of-nature. When we got back to the table to make another round of drinks, her mom asked if she could dance with me. I shrugged my shoulders and her daughter said: “Yeah, have fun, mom!”. We started dancing slowly and were tightened by couples dancing around as well. I soon realized her mom wanted to be held tight, she kept pressing her curves to my body all the time. It was dark and I think she hoped her daughter wouldn’t see the behavior of her mother. She felt the **** pushing in my pants and suddenly she told she could take care of it.

I couldn’t believe my ears. “What do you mean?” I asked and she told me that she meant the thing poking her in the stomach. She then told me that she spend good time with me, though I had a right to reuse her offer. Then we went back to the table and she made some excuse to her daughter and said she had to go now for a few minutes and asked me to go with her. There was no problem that she was asking such a thing because I would usually help her mom about doing some work, when she was in need.

So we went out to the street and got into the car. She drove to the back of the street where it was dark and no lights, parked and we got out and she told me she was ready. She took off her panties, got in the back seat and told me to get between her legs. She put her legs on the back of the front seats and opened wide. I got between them and my **** was hard as stone! She told me to eat her ***** first and I did! It tasted so good, when I first saw her ****, it was dripping wet! I could taste this old lady’s juices and they tasted salt. To her age this woman was having a very good *****, neatly shaved and looking so exciting! When I put it in, she let out a yell and gasped. My **** actually is not huge, it’s just 8 inches long, not too fat, but of the good shape. To tell the truth her ***** was so big and wide I could hardly feel the sides of it. She was wet and wide open and it was so hot! Finally she pressed her ***** tight to my crotch and it felt so good! I ****** for a long time and finally was ready. I was young I was able to *** many times, when I told her I was about to ***, in hectic voice she informed that’s eh had already come 3 times and now she wanted to taste my ***! At the very last moment I withdrew and gave her an explosion! My *** shot out with force and landed all across her face, leaving white clammy traces of *****. She sucked my **** clean and I was getting hard again, but she told me it was enough for tonight and she was OK.

We ended up dancing and drinking and she told me to come by her house tomorrow .She said that everybody will be gone from 8 am to 5 pm and we could have fun. My girlfriend was expected to leave, so she was free to do everything she wanted. The next day I got there and she was wearing only a silky robe. As soon as I got there we started kissing and playing and I in a minute I was hard as iron and ready. Then she told me that today we would try doggie style and that her ***** will not be so wide. We were in the dinning room and she just bent over the table and I ****** her! I ****** her like a mad rabbit, her *** was looking at me with defiance and I was ready to tear it away! I ****** her with increasing speed until she told me it was enough, because she couldn’t take it any more. When I was ready to explode, she dropped down on her knees and put her face to my shots! I covered her face with numerous jets of *** and today it was much more than yesterday. She took my **** in her mouth and cleaned me off, she sucked me until I was hard again.

She wanted to try anal and asked me if I would take it easy, she had never done it before. I greased up her *** with some lube she gave me, and my ****. Then I slowly put the head up to her *** and she pushed back, I let her do the moving to get it inside. She told me it hurt but she didn’t want to stop, so she denied me from pulling out of her *** early. She wanted to **** anal and she wanted my **** badly. So we proceeded ******* like that and she was crying for a while. Then she asked me to **** her fast and deep. I increased my pace and gave her some good *** ****! I was driving my **** all the way deep in her backdoors and it felt so good! Soon I was about ready to *** and she said to *** in her *** because she wanted to feel my hot *** in her ***! After a few hard thrusts my **** exploded and I felt her hot *** with massive load of ***!

In the end she asked me if I wanted to help one of her girl friends whose husband was out for weeks on his work. She said that this woman is always bored and not satisfied with ****. I said that I would really be happy to help out and solve this problem. But this is another story :

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Mar 4, 2010