Life Is How You View It.


Since I have been sick the past 3 days, I decided to pick up a book my grandson was reading and realized, I think like a dog... Yes, I was reading about how a dog looks at life and death and realized how we all should concentrate more on the living part like our pets, than dying...

  If a dog gets cancer, he does not preceive the illness the same way we do.  We feel sorry and sad, mourning energy every minute. The dog isn't thinking, "OH, I have 6 months to live, wish I went to China", but lives in the moment..regardless of whether he has cancer or not. One thing I have learned from this is how to appreciate and enjoy life in its smallest detail, every single day.

   Humans are the only animals who actively fear death.  Obsess over it, and grieves over it--that is, before it happens.

   So I am looking at life and savoring every moment on this earth, with no regrets.  Live every day to the fullest, and if I am good, someone might give me a treat!!!

Debijean Debijean
56-60, F
4 Responses Mar 23, 2009

Thank you, your comments are always so true, sometimes it is the silliest of things to realize those other things aren't worth wasting time over.

This is true for all of us all the time

Thank you for the treats, I have been a good girl, ALL DAY!

What book is this? How timely for you to pick up that book and start reading. We can learn a lot by observing our pets. <br />
*Hands some treats to you!*