The Sleepless Ones


what if all the people

who could not sleep

at two or three or four

in the morning

left their houses

and went to the parks

what if hundreds, thousands, millions

went in solitude

like a stream

and each told their story

what if there were

old woman

fearful if they slept

they would die

and young woman

unable to conceive

and husbands, wives

having affairs

and children

fearful of falling

and fathers, mothers

worried about paying bills

and men, women

having business troubles

and both unlucky in love

and those that were in physical


and those who were guilty

what if they all left their homes

like a stream

and the moon

illuminated their way and

they came each one

to tell their stories

would these be the more troubled

of humanity

or would these be

the more passionate of the world

or those who need to create to live

or would these be

the lonely


and I ask you

if they all came to parks

at night

and told their stories

would the sun on rising

be radiant and

again I ask you?

would they embrace?

---- by Lawrence Tirnauer - new version


CrystalRainsPearls CrystalRainsPearls
41-45, F
27 Responses Apr 22, 2012

Wow, It is 5:54 AM, and I am one of the sleepless ones, how great it would be to connect and share with all the other non sleepers, our reasons would be different, but our needs would be the same, to find a sense of peace about what ever is keeping us awake, it confirms that we need others to witness our stories, in order to let them fade away, and be able to find the comfort and healing that sleep gives to our bodies, hearts, minds and souls, the world would be a better place if we could all take this walk together.


I am one of "Those who not sleep" because of pain, I would love to join this group and listen to others who do not sleep, and maybe by telling our stories, we could finally rest and feel at peace,

This is somehow beautiful. I think most of us are broken one way or another.

Shared compassion and understanding appeases even the most troubled human heart...

A place we all know at one time or another. We should all embrace and let the sun warm us through to melt away the troubles.

The river of broken minds, hearts, dreams and souls .

Like the poem but love the pic.

This is interesting. For 15years since I cam down with my condition, I've only slept 2-4hrs a night and some nights not at all. I used to wonder what other people who werent sleeping were doing before I could get on the internet. I did go for a walk many years ago...well literally across the road and back at 5am cos was bored..but not to the park!

Stunning poem, provocative premise, beautiful photo. I guess we've all been there a time or two :) Thank you for sharing this, C :)

They would know, ...they're connected ... and not alone with their stories.


Awesome! *smile*

:) hi MB!!!
Thank you!
Wishing you a great day!

Meet....may need 4 areas. East and west cost..............2 cities in between. This will take a lot of beer :)

better just drink spring water :) might get lost! thanks!

I think if everyone who couldn't sleep all got together like that it would become a loving revolution (nothing sexual intended) as people all come together in compassion for each other. Many less people would be so stressed and I bet before long other people would develope sleeping problems to join in.

Thank you, hugs! :)

what a wonderful experience for each it would be, so many stories, so many lives, yet one... yea would be great

Thank you, it sure would be, can we do it here?

we can :)

I'm in.........where would it be held ?


Here group hugs! :)

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you do love and a very giving way,you're creativity is huge understatement

Hugs Jack thank you! xo

It will be one wonderful experience ;)

Yes it would. We tell our stories here, kinda ;)thanks Duchess!

Maybe this might happen ---bear hugs -great piece and man

Hi long time friend

Ms. Candy, dear,<br />
What do YOU think? <br />
<br />
I am very interested to know YOUR thoughts since something in this piece has caught your thoughts and prompted you to post.<br />
<br />
tender hugs my sensitive hearted friend.

it means so much we should do it all of us :)

i live to create and lov hugs :) thank you! *Tiger xxx

It is evident that you do live to create and love, wonderful lady. ;-)

This is gorgeous! Wow. Thanks!

Thank you hugs!

I read this years ago, thanks for this!

Thank you my cherished ones :-) hugs lov,light sent thank you for reading , comments ~ xxx

Mwah! xx

Mwah!!! xx

Hugs love Carl ;)

Beautiful Candy, I would hope so...the world definitely need some more *hugs* !!<br />
Thank you for sharing this :)

Hugs!!! *)

Ah, sigh, this is wonderful, I love it.

lov hugs! lovely ;)