Had To Stop.

I used to love anything that would help my spirit progress and develop. A friend of mine bought a set of tarot cards with a book explaining how to use them. She played around with them and I found them fascinating, so I went out and bought the same set. I used to do it for fun, just to see what would come up. But then I noticed a few predictions coming true. I dismissed it at first, figured I was just looking too hard for things. I started keeping a journal of my readings and found that the more I read the cards, the more of my readings were actually coming true. Great, I can predict the future I thought.

What I found though was that I was too good, life actually started to get a little boring. No kidding. I was predicting things so insignificant that nothing was surprising any more. It sounds great in theory having all that knowledge, but I soon discovered that I enjoyed living life not knowing. I don't read the cards now unless I have a specific worry or question that I need answered. I certainly never do readings for anyone else; people don't really want to know, it just freaks them out.

I'd be interested to hear from anyone else that found they were too accurate.
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Hi<br />
I have been reading for 20 years and the cardsand it still amaze me with information about my life.<br />
If you have a reading you would like to share. Possibly a ten celtic spread would work and we will exchange a reading or two, smile

i see the tarot also and living through meditation along with the powerful influences of the plantes... is very strong it is note a game but not a mystery either therefore, when we deal with power ,one must take the responsibility, everything is here for all of to understand, its only a few of us who stay open to it? right !