Tarot Cards, Black Magic?

I've been fascinated by Tarot cards for almost a year now. I bought a deck, kinda taught myself to read them, although admittedly I am out of practice right now. I'm a little confused though. My aunt came over to visit tonight and flipped out when she saw my deck of Tarot cards, saying that it was black magic and that Tarot cards are demonic and devilish. It doesn't really faze me so much because I have my own opinions and ideas about things anyway, but I was wondering, how do Tarot cards and black magic relate, anyway?
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i dont know,but i would like to have a reading for me

Tarot cards are practiced in several religions and aren't "dark magic" or "bad."<br />
I have found some of my friends telling me the same thing, because it is frowned upon in some religion. But that is a different rant. To simply answer your question, no.

Some people, like your aunt, consider tarot, or any medium concerning foretelling the future, as evil. It does state in the bible on several instances that believers in Christ should beware false prophets. Tarot, however, is used for many purposes.<br />
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I find most people who are adverse to Tarot, are adverse to anything they don't understand, and react mostly out of fear rather than knowledge on the subject. <br />
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Tarot isn't meant to necessarily be used as a way of "telling the future". As posted above, it's meant to utilize the intuitions you already have, or to gain insight into your own subconscious knowledge. Sometimes, you'll think "Aha!" when you see a particular card in a reading. <br />
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Don't be put off by your aunt's reaction. You will encounter that many more times if you choose to continue to read Tarot. <br />
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Google Tarot and read up on it so you're prepared to defend it intelligently if you encounter this situation again.

There is no relation to Tarot Cards and Black Magic. Perhaps your aunt don't know the difference. Tarot is a art used to enlighten you about are the choices you have. Black magic is using spells to produce unnatural effects. Tarot is used for good, black magic is used for bad. <br />
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I recently became interested in tarot cards and tarot education/meanings. I knew a little and wanted to learn more (to help develop my skills). I came across the global esoteric website Oranum. There I received the help and guidance needed. The experts let me put my skills to test and I had readings done to answer questions about myself. Oranum tarot readers offers variety of reading styles.

Le sigh, ive had to explain this to so many people over the past few years, but maybe the more i can explain it, the more people will understand, and this ridiculous notion of "black magick" will finally meet an end.<br />
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Saying magick is "white" or "black" or even "good" or "evil" makes no more since then telling a person your pillow is evil. A pillow is a pillow, its what you DO with that pillow that makes an event good or bad. If you suffocate a person with that pillow, does it then make that pillow evil or bad? No, it makes YOU bad. This same thing can be said with any type of magick, there is nothing good or evil about magick, no black and white, it just is, if you choice to use it to hurt someone, it doesnt change the magick at all, it just makes you a ****** person, its the same magick from its start, to its finish.<br />
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That being said, Tarots have nothing to do with magick anyways, reading the tarots is using your own intuitions, there are spells that you can do with the cards, but over all, nothing about reading the tarots are magickal

My friend used to do Tarot too and then one day she just quit on the pretext that it was related to Black magic...i still have no clue if there's a relation or not!