Never Had Chills Before

ive been reading for about six years now. my first deck was givin to me as a gift from a very close friend who had done a few readings for me. since then i have gotten a few different decks looking for the deck that speaks to me. well tonight as im about to do a reading and im shuffling my cards my candle suddenly stops flickering and my music stops playing in the background and all at the same time one single card falls from my deck. i picked it up and looked at it and immediately had chills run through my entire body. the card (whick i wont specify which one it was) explained every aspect of my life right now and the hopes i have of my tomorrows. well needless to say i didnt have to do a reading, the cards answered my questions before i even started.
tlove08 tlove08
1 Response Dec 14, 2012

One card does not give that much information.
Are you suggesting that you hear a voice or had an impression about some message or things you should be doing ?