I'm Blown Away At How Much This Tarots Just Saved My ***.

I'm a student of comparitive religion and you can imagine my shock when my descent into the occult lead to the realization that astrology interfaces with the tarot in places and that the tarot interfaces with the kabbalah at places AND with the CHAKRA system...

that connects judaism (Which is connected to christianity) to astrology and to Hinduism, which connects to the Tarot system and al of these things

The thing is I've begun to suspect from the uninitiated perspective there are several major religions but from the occult an initated perspective there is only one religion. Period: Knowledge.

For ignorance IS DEATH. religion is the hollowed out shell of mysticism which evolves and changes in time and without change stagnation and death occur.

Christianity is a hollowed out shell now of the truth jesus spoke at one time. Now that I See these things...

Today I did a reading on myself and a romantic situation I'd emboriled myself in. No matter what I did it's practical advice was a card like The chariot or simiiar and the obstacle was the Lovers or Justice. I did 3 seperate readings and the only intuiion I could get out of all of it was that on ONE level I wanted to rush the gates and take this woman off with me but when I did that reading it said I'd squander our relationship foolishly.

I decided to read again and the Desire card came up The empress on the third it was the TOWER, the oppostion was the WORLD and the challenge was justice.

The end result was the Hermit...in a relationship?

I understood. Me and her are going on some kind spiritual growth together.

I realzied that I was stealign this girl from other guy who I Don't like very much but the lovers and justice card keep throwing in my face that there are 3 people involved and the Chariot seems to signify that my Higher and lower selves are divided. higher impulses would wait honorably for her to do what she needed to do.

I have ducks I need to get in a row anyways. I sent a letter off based on all these things.

I got a very nice reply and a lot of hearts. I think the Tarot might have just saved my ***.

Blessed be, onto thy fellow seekers <3

Remember the occult is hiding in plain sight: Those who drum up fear of it are merely trying to hold you back from your destiny.

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When I was dating my crazy ex-girlfriend (the younger one) I was trying to learn tarot.
I kept throwing swords, swords, swords...