Im So Confused About My Love Life

Well in a nutshell I've been in treated in this girl at work. We had lunch together earlier this week.... I had a good time and she did too. She was laughing a lot at my jokes and humor. She used to show interest in me more by saying things about what I've done in the past that she remembers.... Things I never remembered.

Well anyways I may have ruined what little chance I have with her I get so weirded out and never know how to talk to her its like I'm a kid who's fallen in love for the first time. I'm so dumb and self conscious of my self. Well thought I'd look to the tarots for some guidance .... I pulled these cards out using the relationship spread. I'm asking for help and guidance in a time that I need it most. I'm having trouble dechiering and would love everyone's help regarding their thoughts and ideas.

The spread went like this.

1. 2
3. 7 4
5. 6 conscious level - xx Judgement
2. On the level of their conscious mind- VIIII Stregenth
3. My emotional level king of pentacles
4.on the level of their emotions.- three of wands
5. My behavior or attitude - Queen of wands
6. Their outside behavior or attitude - ten of swords
7 relationship situation - two of cups.

Again I think I'm too strong up on emotions and not seeing clearly... The heart wants what the mind doesn't see I believe the old adage goes. Again I. Help in this situation would be most appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to help a heartbroken man.
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mmmm heartbroken man:
Seems the relationship situation is headed for good things... there is compatibility between you and her. She shows herself as hurt, but things could go fine fine. She is a strong woman and you are measuring things