I Got My First Deck When I Was 15

I read for other people sometimes, mostly skeptics so they can see its not all bull. I don't charge for doing readings as it's a gift and I treat it like one.
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How did you learn to read them? I've always been interested, I'm just unsure of how to start.

All i did was purchase a deck that i felt spiritually connected too and I pick a spread that has to do with what I want to ask and I meditate on the question i want to ask as I shuffle the deck and then i use a website whose definitions make sense to me to help me interpret.

I did an online reading today. I was thinking about an upcoming trip I will be taking to Malaysia. The reading didn't suit me at all.<br />
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Can you help me out by doing a reading for me?

I was told that I have a gift how do I find that. And can you read me please<br />
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Some people do readings with out the person present, I personally work with the person. I am sure someone on here might be able to though. Good luck. <br />

never had mine read..do you need to be present for it..or can you just think of them and read the cards that come up?