Read The Trilogy And Watched The Movies

My friends think the story is too long and very boring. It is long and many people, myself included has the attention span of a fly.

I think i like it so much because i was introduced to it at as a child. i wast allowed to watch TV,  so what else was i to do but read.

Now that i have school, work and World of Warcraft occupying my time, i still have time for reading such a long story becasue i have always appreciated it.

The story is a masterpiece of course. Every aspect of the story is well developed. I went a bit further into the mythology by reading The Silmarillion.
Yes it is an epic but is composed so  effortlessly as to make it very easy to read and understand.

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1 Response Jan 10, 2011

Someone gave me the paperback edition of The lord of the Rings when I was a teenager. It took me about a week to read and then I went straight back to the begining and started again as it had been so enthralling. <br />
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The anticipation felt as I held this monster of a book was not misplaced. Here started a lifelong love for the fantasy novel.