I Read Lord of the Rings Six Times...

and still havent got bored of it! i absolutely love lord of the rings, and have a tattoo on my thigh of tolkiens elvish symbol he has on all his books, and im going to have the one ring writing on going around my thigh in UV light, so like the ring it will only show when in UV (like fire). Although the very ending dissapointed me a little, im not sure why. But it is the most amazing book ever written despite the ending with Sam saying 'im back'. I cried a few times when reading it! I read it before the films came out, so i took great pleasure on knowing what SHOULD happen. The scouring of the shire was one of my favourite chapters, shame its not in the film though, same with Tom Bombadil.

PetSemetary PetSemetary
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1 Response Apr 6, 2008

I always thought Tom Bombadil was kind of silly. It was too much in the spirit of "The Hobbit" and I guess he thought it wasn't necessary. But you aren't the first person to complain about Tom Bombadil being left out of the movie.