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Slow Start, Exciting Finish

A friend lent me The Hobbit and I started to read it but just couldn't get into it so I returned it. Fast forward a few years and I bought it, devoured it like it was my precious! Went on to read the rest, bought beautiful slip cased editions, read everything else he wrote. I love scifi anyway. Later I and my collection of oh, 1000 or more books moved out of state to a new job. When we decided to move back to CA I gave a bookcase and some3-400 scifi books to a friend to save paying to haul them back so I lost the books but not the memories. I didn't watch the movies, afraid of being disapointed. Maybe some day. Anyone who read the books and saw the movies, tell me what you think, maybe I'll be convinced to watch them.
dorobo dorobo 70+, M Apr 7, 2008

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