And Struggled...

Sure, I read all the lord of the rings books. And yes, they were great books...

But am I the only one who struggled to get through the first book? I found it to be too drawn out. And I would say if the movies hadn't of been coming out, I probably would not have carried on to read the other two. I don't know, just the way Tolkien describes things down to the last blade of grass puts me off. And I realise it's to get you into the place and make you feel like you're there and all, but sometimes enough is enough :P

It took me about 6 weeks to read the first book and only a couple of days to read the other two.
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4 Responses Aug 12, 2007

Oh man, I feel the same as TardyDodo. I remember after I got through the Tom Bombadail (spelling?) part I coasted right through up to where we meet Frodo and Sam in Two Towers. Now, that whole part just seemed to drag on of eeeeeeeeever. I'm not sure why, but I found it so boring up to where they are climbing the stairs to Shelob's lair. There were some parts in ROTK I found a bit boring, but none as bad as the ones mentioned here.

Oh yea. I'm not the best with books, so it's hard for me. So slow paced. And the hobbits are so naive and stupid. lol. But i luv em anyway.

I remember reading them and some of the parts being really slooooow. I guess maybe due to the overdescriptive-ness you mentioned. I also remember skipping over all the stupid songs in those books.

I have vague recollections of struggling *throughout* the trilogy! I really liked the books, to be sure, but as you say, Tolkien's style is very dense and detail oriented - at times it really damages the pacing, I found. But it does give the reader a land to return to. That said, I haven't re-read them :P