I Read the Books Out Loud

To my three children, when they were younger. It took about three weeks of reading a short while each day. I read to them until I noticed them start to fidget, as kids will do when made to sit still for any length of time, and said,"OK, that's enough until tomorrow!" and I put the book down. The exciting parts held their attention with out fail throughout the journey. And I loved the feeling that reading out loud causes in your lungs and vocal chords. They are in their 20s now, and they still remember the story even though they have not re-read the books on their own. I'm glad I did it, and so are they... 

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4 Responses Jan 23, 2010

I love reading aloud.

That is incredible.

The Silmarillion is an incredible book, I received it as a present when I was 12, I tried to read it three times before I finally succeeded at 15. All the Elvin names are quite difficult to read...

one of my favourite stories is Beren and Luthrien in the silmillion<br />
tom bombadril would make a fantastic story if anyone was brave enough to try <br />