I Read the Whole Series.

I can't say that I'm extremely religious, so it's kind of a stretch for me to read a story like this, but I'll tell you, it was such an amazing story. I bought "Left Behind" and "Left Behind II : Tribulation Force" on DVD several years ago. About 3 years ago, I  found 4 of the books out of the series at a Goodwill thrift shop, bought them but waited to read them, thinking that maybe I'd find all of them at Goodwill. But about a year after, I had only found a few more of the series. But it must have been the right time for me to read them because once I started, I couldn't stop. I read them all straight through. I went to the library and checked out the ones I didn't have. I can't remember exactly how long it took me to read all of them but I think it was in less than a couple of months. I think it was at the beginning of 2008.

I usually give away my old books that I've read, unless I think I might want to read them again. I haven't given away my "Left Behind" series of books. I am actually still on the look out at Goodwill for hard backs to finish my collection. Some of what I bought were in paper back.

I would recommend the series to anyone. Fantastic story! The movies were good too. If there are any more movies past the ones I mentioned, I'd like to see those too.

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1 Response Feb 24, 2009

Thanks sciantel, but with money so tight right now, I think I'll have to see if my library has those. Hope you find a buyer.