I Would Like to Understand the Tao

I first encountered the tao when I was 10 or 11, without knowing what it was, thru Ursula le Guin's earthsea trilogy. At the time I remember thinking that there was a mystery at the heart of the stories which was unlike other mysteries I had come across. It was not mystery for the sake of entertainment, though it was greatly entertaining, but there was real truth it in; very hard to understand, but very real. Later in life I had difficulty accepting non-action, because I felt it was an excuse for me not to act. I'm afraid I was very far from the way. Now I am beginning to understand that we do too much, in fear and mistrust, and that real peace lies in doing only what we must. I still find the tao te ching is very opaque, but its first words, for me, make all religion unnecessary, replacing the passions of belief with the truth, as ancient clear and esential as fresh water.

tomfool tomfool
41-45, M
Mar 15, 2009