Love Bomb- A Short Story Of An Age

Good will always win over evil because, good is selfless and generous. Evil will always lose because it is selfish and pernicious. If left unbalanced and unchecked evils default value can grow to destroy entire societies, civilizations and even entire planets. It can start with one Human heart and spread like a virus until it uses every available resource with out end. In our case here on planet Earth we can observe an going battle that has raged on for millenia. This battle is the inspiration for innumerable stories and movies. Entire religions based on good verses evil have shaped the known world since the beginning of written history.

God, the infinite spirit, the source and center of all things and beings already had a plan to deal with evil and the fallen angels. Knowing the nature of pride is a self destructing dynamo that will swallow up everything good in its path, Gods plan was to create enough good to overcome evil in only a few short ages... Knowing His truth was self evident and infinitely more powerful than evil and pride, God in the form of man became the lowest creature in creation to conduct an overhaul of beauty and goodness. His perpetual love and sacrifice for his universe creatures out smarted the black hole of pride.

God made a man who was not just the perfect embodiment of love, but this man was God. While on earth this man was a radical reformer. Saying what He said, and doing what He did was in reality a trap for evil. If evil was a bunny rabbit and the cross was the cage, this "messiah" was the bait. God created a man who was a living atomic bomb set on a timer and trajectory to literally destroy evil FOREVER. All God needed to do was cause enough trouble and commotion to spring this trap. Yet His time was short the plan was executed perfectly. At the same time God trained just enough men in His ways to carry on the clean up mission after the bomb went off. The best part is... not only did this atomic bomb of love destroy evil and overcome death, but the very evil and prideful person that God had gone after was the very person who set the bomb off. God had tricked Satan/Lucifer into killing the man God created. The blood that was spilled and the body that was destroyed absorbed every sin and evil deed that had ever existed in the universe. Like a gravitational singularity Gods painful sacrifice became a mass of good will(mercy) that is infinite or increasing with out limit, the very plan and path God designed in eternity before the lead Angel became proud and sinned. God sees the ending from the beginning, His infinite wisdom and clarity won the day over prides lusts and blindsides.

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May 4, 2012