About 16 Times

I am currently on my 20th or so time through The New Testament and 16th or so time through The Old Testament. It is a goal of myself and a few other people involved with my church to read the whole Bible in a year.

The reason I joined in on the effort to read the whole Bible in a year is because December 4, 2008, I started a similar effort following a schedule set up by my former pastor. I have yet to finish that schedule because I slacked too much. Maybe, someday, I will read what I didn't read yet on his schedule.

While following no schedule that I was ever made aware of; at my abundant leisure, over the past 300ish days, I read every dog gone word from Genesis 1 through Ezekiel 37. I also read Matthew 1 through Luke 19. Yeah me! (?)

November 30, 2012: I am now done. :)!       Yeah me?!  As of this morning, I read every dog gone word of the Bible; Genesis 1:1 through Revelation 22:21, 16ish times.

Update: I think I read the whole Bible twice since the last update. I am currently about half way done with "The Message".
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Sep 21, 2012