I've read the bible cover to cover many, many, many times. I've also taken several biblical classes in high school and college. Sometimes I feel like I know more about the bible than the average church-going Christian. 

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My partner read the Bible twice and wants to read it one more time.

I got to the point where the more I read the book of mormon, the less I believed in it. It was wonderful when I was a kid. It made me ob<x>jectively evaluate my feelings for the first time. It was inspirational in an uninspiring life. As I found greater passions, I saw how empty it could be. <br />
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When I read it, it's like i start slowing down as the words look less like verses and more like scrambled black and white on the page. It doesn't make sense to me anymore.<br />
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It's ironic because it used to be one of my greatest passions.

OMG!! Wishbone as King David!! Wishbone fits the battle of Jerico!! Wishbone multiplies the loaves and fishes!! Wishbone parts the red sea! Great idea Zellie!!!

I'm sure sad to say, that this is true. You probably do know more from your own and school research than many of the people that sit in a church seat pr pew every sunday morning, every sunday night , even wednesday night services as well. <br />
This too, has been my personal experience with people of supposed "faith"

I remember that show. My older sister and I used to watch it all the time...

The childhood staple, yep :D

The show with the Jack Russell?

If only they did all the stories from the Bible on Wishbone.<br />
<br />
Then we'd all be set for life.

I want to read the book of mormon at some point. It sounds like an interesting read.

yeah, I've read the book of mormon five times, and I know what you mean. I felt like I knew more scripture than most mormons.