I've read it through and through. When I was a Christian and a warrior of Odin. I like to keep up with all religious beliefs to understand people and to see how each one is different good and bad. You should never stick to one religion and say it's the only way if you have never tried it learned about any others.
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One must be guided by the Holy Spirit when reading the Bible to get that critical deeper understanding of it. But it is always good to hear that a person has read the Bible. :) I hope it has sowed a seed of truth within you and it grows to produce fruit.

It more so showed the horrible sides of the Christian god and the New Testament was the do over since god couldn't get it right the first time and still hasn't gotten it right. For all the denominations out there, they see each verse differently.

That's the fault of the denominations out there, not the fault of God. And the New testament and the Old Testament are one long revelation that took thousands of years to reveal. They are really one Book.

Wouldn't it be more than a thousand years since it starts at the creation of earth. And being written by man who isn't perfect thus the bible isn't perfect.

I said "Thousands" of years.

If it was only men then it would be full of faults but when God leads and inspires this is not the case.

Sorry my screen has the right side cracked. God has also inspired many people to do things such as the Crusades which ruined a lot of culture. Same with the inquisition, the holocaust. The genocide of the native Americans. Etc. and reading the Old Testament you find a lot of fun works of god where I don't if I'm the only one who was displeased with his methods and declared him a horrible idea of a "creator" and the logic if many Christians in the church mad me realize Christianity isn't for me. I think Jesus's teaching are great. I don't think he did all the miracles he did but may have just like the few healing hands known to exist who can cure anything by the touch. But I also don't think he came back from the dead. There are many other figures just like Jesus who were before his time. And it made just points itself out why this religion began in one point on earth in the desert in the Bronze Age but no where else. Just like all the others. If the humans were wiped out and came back you can bet there will be religion again but it will all be different.

God did not inspire people to do things such as the crusades. That went against the Message of Jesus. same with the inquisition and the holocaust. Yes as i have said i have read all the bible OT included. So i know when God was wrathful upon peoples. One thing that is true. Our personal agreement or disagreement with things God has revealed or ordered cannot be used as proof of His existence or not existence. No one can say ""God is mean therefore God does not exist"" thats just not logical at all. Jesus is God manifested in the flesh. God and Jesus are One. Also i see you only believe things about Jesus that you agree with or passes your thinking fo what can and cannot happen. Therefore the only Jesus you believe in is a Jesus defined by yourself. Not the one of scriptures.

Really because they sure said they did. That was the whole pint of the crusades and hurler quotes it in Mein Kampf. I find it funny how everything that is bad and has cause suffering and death in the bible and considered biblical work in modern day sense is wrong and not what god wants but all the good is just fine. Like a cover up. If the Christian god is real or not I would not want to worship him just looking at his pathetic work all around. Sure did go to waste. If that's what perfect is I am not impressed. If I were a god I would come down to Earth and say "Look in god. I'll show a great way to live but do what you will because when you die I will show a great way" not this brainwashed doctrine and dictatorship in the bible. I can't see how people got suckered into it now days. Yeah back in the Bronze Age anyone would believe anything but the fact people are still that gullible is sad. Imagine how far we could have progresses with out Christianity tea bagging everyone around the world.

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