Actually a Few Different Versions of It.

And they all make for a pretty disjointed, and at times cruel and violent storybook that would probablly make a decent date movie...  and people alctually believe it's real?

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4 Responses Mar 14, 2009

You read the whole entire book and this is your conclusion? amazing. I have often wondered why no one has ever done a movie on the Bible- it doesn't make sense- it would be THE movie of ALL time- the guy would go down forever in history! <br />
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The violence ect you talk about is because the Bible doesn't sugar coat reality- it tells us exactly what it is to the very tiniest dynamic between people, nations ect. It focuses on what REALLY drives society and what can be done about and how we can rise above it. The stories are told for that reason, not to endorse them.

And I thought you were a philosopher... That just sounds lazy to me.

I read it too. At least I can say I read it!

Yes, I admit, the God of the old testament struck me as a cruel and vengeful child... Maybe we are some kids science project, gone wrong and forgotten about.<br />
So what's your take on it? You actually think it all happened by accident... Maybe there is new life beginning in the back of my fridge.