Reading Is My Escape.

I guess I've always liked reading when I was little, but I really didnt notice or take it seriously until the summer before 8th grade. I just picked out a book that was sitting on my shelf and started reading. I was done the day I started and loved the feeling I got from it. The next day I asked my mom if she could take me to the book store. We went and I bought about five books. I finished two books on that same day. I was shocked on how fast I could read and how much I enjoyed it. My mom was even more shocked than I was, she would even ask me about the book to make sure I was really paying attention to the book. I was going through these books so fast, at one point my mom told me I needed to slow down. My dad completely disagreed. He said that I should keep reading and it was great that I was such a good reader. My dad died that fall and I pretty lost my life, but not my books. I became more obessed than I already was with reading. I became depressed but when I would read it seemed that my pain would go away and wasn't in this dark place anymore. I still read for that escape. I'm not depressed anymore, but I never took a break from reading. It will always be my escape. My room is full of books. You'll see them everywhere, but never on the floor, unless I fall asleep reading the book on the floor otherwise no. I probably count on books more than I should but it's what got me through my depression, so therefore it shall always be my escape and joy.
RealisticChick009 RealisticChick009
18-21, F
Jul 30, 2010