Because I Want That Kind Of Love

Let’s just go ahead and admit it! We all want to be loved like that! We all want to be let in on some deep, important, ancient secret. We all want someone to dote on us and to protect us from all of the bad things in the world. We want to see what no one else can see from a point of view that no one else can. There is something so desirable about a love that is so deeply passionate but cannot be consummated….at least not for a little while. We all knew when they FINALLY got it on it was going to be HOT! The author left the details out but I’m sure we’ve all filled in that missing time with fantasies of our own! We all want to BELONG somewhere special!


As I read Midnight Sun (partial draft) I feel like I’m inside Edward’s head falling in love with some fragile girl. I see myself as a nurturing person and I have felt that instinct to protect the woman I love from the slightest of things. I get Edward’s side. It’s probably because I am a lesbian and loving a woman is much different in some ways than loving a man. Women (myself included) can be quite delicate. You can hurt her feelings and not even realize that you have! To an exaggerated extent I get Edward’s fears for her. And yet, he cannot stay away from her.


Yes, we all WANT that kind of love. I wish we could all have it.


BTW, Alice is so cool! She’s kind of my favorite. I wish I could be adopted as the novelty gay vampire. *Pouts*

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1 Response Feb 17, 2010

Tee hee! Alice is awesome! My former GF said I was a lot like her. (From what she saw in the movie. She never read the books.) Ah, for those intense emotions and passions..... *Sigh*