Bounce If Ya Nasty!

i've written a story on this subject before and i'll say it again: do your homework, people, before fanning others. look at a person's profile, see what common ground you have before adding others. if more people did that, i wouldn't get gifts, fan notifications, etc from people who like sexual activity with animals, for example. anyone who bothers to check me out would know this and move on to others that share their jacked up interests because i'm not the one. there are plenty, unfortunately, of others to fan besides me. if you're into twisted ****, then bounce *****!
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12 Responses Jul 16, 2010

i agree for the most part but it's ok because the few good friends that i talk to on a regular basis are enough for me and i'm not too much into adding new people these days. i'm happy with what i have.

from what i see it doesn't look like things have improved much as far as finding desirable people to add to your circle.

sometimes i delete fan requests without even opening them because i know it's gonna be more of the same **** and i don't want to see it.

i have no doubt about that either :)

Or a man that tastes good?

LOL! a man of good taste, no doubt!

Yep. I checked you out. As soon as I saw you were a ************, man hating, man hitter whose had sex outside I said "That's the girl for me!".

me too :)

I know what u mean, drives me insane! :)

you know, i did that before and things still had a way of filtering through, so that doesn't appear to be 100% foolproof.

it is rude and how hard is it to take a peek at a profile so you'll know a little something about a person? i do it out of curiosity if nothing else. i've never blocked certain people after they fan me but, if this keeps up, i'm going to start exercising that option. i'm over this.

bounce and keep on bouncing lol. i think it's kind of rude to not check people out, make sure you're not barking up the wrong tree so to speak.