I Want to Return to Being The Avid Reader I Used To Be

I've been an avid reader of books, newspapers and magazines all my life. But lately I find myself reading less than ever unless I'm in front of my laptop or iPad. I suppose that's the way of the world but I do feel that there's a certain quality to the experience of reading a book and allowing an author to seduce you with his or her words, descriptions and characters (if fiction) or facts and ideas (if nonfiction) that cannot be replaced or duplicated. It's simply not the same if you're surfing the internet or even reading an e reader. Does anyone "curl up" with one of those things? I think the internet with its ability to provide instant information is great and I'm thankful for sites such as ep but I don't want to lose the experience of reading a book. My bookshelves are filled with books that have left me with many fond memories of my experiences reading them. I'm not even sure I have the same attention span to get through some of the books I used to take my good sweet time with. Where's my car keys? I need to get to the library.
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2 Responses Sep 18, 2011

im with u reading from the internet it is not the same i like reading a book holding it in my hand that make me happier .

Just make a habit of reading before bed to get back into it. Or some other time that is good

Lately, I've been going on this website before bed along with another website that I write for. I plan to set aside a few nights a week to trade my ipad for a book. Like exercising, which I've also lapsed at, it just requires a little discipline.