Its Time To Handle My Own

Im about to be 18 and reality of money is everything has hit me ! Ive had 5 jobs and saved up enough for a car so im not completely fucced aha i gotta great family and not to be stucc up but i have a lotta pride and i got little problems to hidee, im just gonna handle my business nd at the same time have time for my gf of 2 years<3 on/off . Honestly im ready to do this i want to write down everything on this site like its a journal no homoo cuhz aha, Its saturday night and im staying in just thinking about my future! Im ready for it thoughh youll learn i lotta lot of heart and a though im 18 this is just the start!
BlowinnClouds BlowinnClouds
18-21, M
Dec 1, 2012