Female Superiority Is Real

Like many men, I was raised with traditional beliefs regarding gender, and it was commonplace for the female to be characterized as the weaker sex. It was imprinted at a young age that men were in charge of things, and women were less capable. As I got older, I started noticing evidence of the contrary. Many questions began to emerge. If women were the weaker sex, how come they live longer and seem more healthy? Why do they seem to be more intelligent and possess a special kind of intuition? At one point I discovered the book The Natural Superiority of Women by Ashley Montague, explaining in detail why women are not the weaker sex at all. Since then, there have been countless articles and books indicating that women actually have a biological advantage. The X chromosome is more robust than the smaller y chromosome. Since women have 2 matching X chromosomes compared to the male with one X and one Y, it is conceivable that the female is genetically superior.
It has been highly publicized that there is a gender gap in education which shows females advancing and males falling behind. Women already earn the majority of degrees, and that ratio continues to increase. With each generation, women will have a greater monopoly on higher education, consequently more qualified for leadership and management, and higher wage-earners.
These changes are already taking place around us. It is commonplace for the boss to be a woman these days, and statistics indicate that the feminine approach to management is more productive in the modern workplace. Women are superior multi-taskers, and naturally possess qualities that are in the most demand in a changing business environment. The leaders of the future are female, and we are watching them climb past us on the ladder to the top.
Women are no longer discouraged from competing against men, and have become more confident and assertive. They are no longer the weaker sex, and they know it.
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I used to fight this so hard. I used to believe in the old ways.

But then I found that, the more I fight women, the more I lose. They are just better. I can lift more at the gym, but that's just about it - and even that is changing. More and more, the most dedicated and healthiest members of the gym are female. Thickly built, confident.

But I have given up trying to compete. It is much more rewarding to support and serve them. My wife knows what's best, for her, and for me. We are all better off when she is the alpha and the leader, the breadwinner, and the decision maker. She determines everything - what I do with my day, where we go, what we do together, what we spend money on.

My wife doesn't explain herself. She doesn't have to. She commands and I obey. She is strict and unyielding and does not need to hear my requests - she tells me what I want and don't want. She is a natural leader and I am a natural follower. She is very demanding for which I am thankful. It gives me purpose - to support my wife.

She works a lot more than me because she is smarter and more successful and makes way more money. Therefore, I am her servant at home. It's just easier for everyone being who they are.

I think we're all just equal and gender isn't a good way to define statistics because every one person is different

as a male it is my duty to pleasure my wife in any way she desires

I read the above thoroughly and felt a respectful response must be made so as to clarify a few things.
some of the evidence used in the above is misinterpreted, and must be shown to see both sides of the argument. Young people are on this site (some being straight males) who are looking for hope and meaning, not a gloomy world where upon entry they will fail simply because they are genetically male.
for example, the fact that females are getting more degrees may be that females are "smarter" or more hard working, or it could be that more scholarship opportunities exist for a female of any race than a male of any race due to companies and corporations needing to reflect a more positive social image? I don't think the argument should ever get in to genetics personally, especially when talking about the "size" of a chromosome and assuming that that makes it superior somehow...
As for health, it is arguable that the sample size for those specific studies were not reflective of the world population, and in the Core of the world where business makes the most effect on the economy, females are more likely to gain employment in safer environments. (ex. a transportation truck driver compared to a chiropractic office billing official.)
A feminist approach in leadership is a poor way to describe a leadership/management style, and does not at all imply that that leader is even female. I am a leader, and I choose to form my style to the situation, making it fluid. mission oriented when necessary and people oriented when the organization can afford it.
Does genetics have anything to do with where one takes up employment? Does genetics have anything to do with the environment one is placed in?
no, society and nurturing decide development, and the argument that females are better taken care of at an earlier age is far more compelling an argument compared to a chromosomal one.
The argument must remain seated in the social world, and it must be steered towards true equality.
I am a man, envious of the female body, but still identifies as a man.
We must not allow the pendulum to swing too far towards female and we must never allow it to regain its height on the male.
Society has control of the future.
True equality is born through discussions of true equality, not by perpetuating a feminist utopia of subordinate men.

I live in NYC. I am black aggressive,demanding and in total control.