Turned On To Boxers

Somewhere around 12 or 13,one of the guys on my street and I began to wrestle.harmless enough at first,I found sometimes I would get aroused.One afternoon in our basement rec room we were-clowning around and I grabbed his jeans and down they came as we wrestled to the floor we both got so excited that we had jeans off and shot our loads into our boxers. I think of Luke occasionally and wonder if he's still in boxers.and still wrestling with men?
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3 Responses May 19, 2012

Haven't wrestled since high school although i've enjoyed some good man on man sports.most recently it has been hands on with myself. I sure would like a little boxer to boxer action.Something erotic about fighting to get the other guys pants off and discovering a pair of loose boxers.

Do you still wrestle down to your boxers?

Those are times we look back on with fond remembrance.