I Want A Real Woman

I am through pretending. My taste is in a woman who loves to laugh. The kind of woman I seek is kind, thoughtful, and a good conversationalist. A sexy woman who looks like a woman should look is the kind I seek. She will smell like a woman. Her walk will be quite nice. Really, I am not seeking someone pretending to be a woman, I want one who was born a woman. Her body is sexy. She has a pretty face. The femininity she has is real. Her voice will make me melt. I seek a woman who has at least a college education if not a Master's Degree or higher. A woman who can cook would be a plus. I can't cook and I am a hard worker. The money I earn is not a lot.
My kind of woman will be a great kisser. She will be romantic. The woman I want will love to be at home and will want to spend her off time with me. A non - smoker is the kind I would like. I wouldn't mind a woman who likes to drink a beer on a rare occasion. My perfect woman will not use drugs unless they have been prescribed by a physician. My ideals are aimed high. I am waiting for you, darling!
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Jan 11, 2013