Back From Black

The girl walked along the road, but no flowers sprung up where her feet trod, and no birds sung around her head. She booted an apple that was lying in her path.... it knocked over a squirrel, who chucked an nut right back at her.
This was the type of girl she was. A bit rubbish.

Eventually she reached the trolls pond, and sat looking into its murky depths. She threw a stone in the waters and watched the ripples fan out, breaking the calm of the still surface. 
Arsehole troll, she muttered to herself, and she thought dark thoughts. She had led the troll into the monsters trap, how was she to know that beneath the beautiful perfect facade there lay nothing but miasma......
And it wasnt like she had escaped unharmed. She looked at the bruises and grumped. Arsehole troll.

Suddenly she felt a shove from behind, and she fell with a splash into the muddy waters. She knew full well who it was. With a volley of Anglo Saxon she turned on the troll and flung an arm full of pond weed straight onto his grumpy head. It stuck to his sticky out ears. The girl started to laugh, and laugh, in fact she laughed so much she slipped in the mud and fell back again with a splash. 

The troll came and bent down and picked the girl up and kissed her nose, and she looked deep into his big brown eyes. 'Arsehole', she sniffed, 'silly girl' he retorted. Then he lay her down on the banks of the pond, and the bunny's hopped and the sun shone, and what happened next is really not suitable for children.
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1 Response Dec 3, 2012

if we do end up together im going to make you write kids books so we can be rich and live happy ever after

i came to write erotica and this is where i ended up. HEE HEE HEE!

you got to go with your talent..

are you saying the sex goddess thing was a fail?

Never.. Ever ...Said that

i think you'll find i top the 'I love to make love charts'...... ha ha...... I'm your ***** baby, and i'm gonna bite you bad

i little nibbling never hurt..Much

i wonder if you could actually push me that far.... that i'd lose it, and DRAW BLOOD
hee hee

thats brings us back to a very old question do you spit or do you swallow

drink blood, always....

you might Be My dream girl after all...

you seriously after a vampire.....? I've got the colouring for it

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