Mood Swings

They are just nature... Can't be helped. Why dont people realise that? It is tough to be nice always.. Why can't people just accept the other side as well as they accept my good things... Am i just supposed to be white.. No grey shade allowed?

When a wife feels bad when I tell her something that I don't like, she should not claim that she loves me. She only likes me when I am jolly.. She hates my other side. I can't remain constant every moment or whats the difference between me and the chair on which I am sitting??
tHeSaInTnThEsiNner tHeSaInTnThEsiNner
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2 Responses Apr 18, 2012

It is difficult for many to have a happy disposition all of the time,I know I can't.You have made your point very well.

It's about accepting for what the other person is, really.