The Past Never Come Back !

I was a gifted student when i was at high school. Then I went easily to my university. I began to become a lazy student. I played game all the time. It was absolutely my results was very upset. My parents is very disappointed about me. My friends and teachers think that i'm a idiot :(. My life is very change, i always feel less confident about myself. Now, i'm a 3rd year student. I'm going to leave my university soon. The past is never come back, i realise that life is short. I will try your best today to never regret in future !
longriver92 longriver92
18-21, M
1 Response Oct 26, 2012

You have to do what you want, not what others want or expect of you. Only you can make decisions for yourself. I have a younger sister who graduated High School early. She got a free scholarship to college, but she turned it down. I didn't understand why at the time. Recently have been talking to her. She said back then she didn't know what SHE wanted to do. She is a favorite of my parents, which in turn put pressure on her. She still doesn't know what she wants to do and she will be 26 in a few months. Don't let others choose for you. Only you can decide for yourself.