My Life...the Readers Digest Edition Part 1

I have loved and lost many people in my life. I have lost my grand parents, parents, my son and two of my friends. My only family is my 2 daughters and my husband. I have cared for an prayed with the people I love as I have worked to keep putting one foot in front of the other to move forward and be strong.

They say that people come into and leave our lives for a reason and that the whole plan of our lives is in God's loving hands. I have tried my best to follow these beliefs but have fallen down many times along my walk through life.

I have many emotional and physical limitations that have come to me due to my lifelong efforts to make my family and friends as well as many others comforted and care for while ignoring my own needs.

I am now trying to allow myself to grieve, pray, learn and grow as well as to learn to allow others to support and help me as I have helps many others in my lifetime.

As my doctor says I am a Lamborghini that has been racing along the Autobahn for 51 years without an oil change, tune up or new tires and now it's time for me to be polished, placed in high esteem and loved like a classic car. My racing days are over and I must learn to be that beautiful old car that granny drivers once a week to church.
The most difficult thing for me is coping with the past and learning to accept the future.  In my time of pain, sorrow and sharing and re-growth I hope that I can become who I want to be.

LoveHopePeace LoveHopePeace
51-55, F
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Love the car analogy :):