This Is Something I Have Always Noticed!!

Even when I was a little girl, a dream I had would be able to affect my mood the whole day. That being said, I will say that I dream a LOT and that they are VERY realistic, right down to the point that I often "wake up" at the beginning of a dream as if I was actually awake. Dreams sometimes make me sad when I do not want them to end. I have even gone so far as to be mad at my hubby for something he did in a dream..LOL! He gets it now and doesn't get mad back..hehe!!

The extreme realism I experience in dreams is one reason I think they affect me so. Even though it was "just a dream" - to me, I feel as if I actually experienced what happens in dreams. It sometimes takes me a little thought to separate from them, like I am not sure I have woken up at all....nightmares are the worst because I have woken up with my heart pounding or crying uncontrallably...thankfully, these don't happen often, or I might just go even more crazy than I already am :)
xena222 xena222
41-45, F
Dec 6, 2012