19th Day 2nd Month-daily Ritual To A Healthy And Happy Life.

When i woke up this morning,i felt alot of discomfort in my body.I had a bad stomach which i had diarrhea for 9 times.I realised i put on some weight and my indigestion is getting worse.I believe its the stress that slow slips into my body due to re-organising,going out too often and not eating right.I over looked my limitations and wasn't consistent in my timetable.Now that my re-organisation is coming to an end,i have to take a break to recuperate and also enjoy my new home set up before i start my daily ritual again consistently.I believe this is inevitable as change is not always so easy as bad habits die hard.I am glad i allow myself to make mistakes.
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4 Responses Jul 19, 2010

Thanks for reading my stories and i guess i was excited about re-organising.I really anxious to bring out my books which were in storage.My timetable was disrupted and i am angry with myself.Have a blessed day.

Thanks dear wiseowl for your comments and am feeling better already.I really have to pay attention to my digestion issues.Have a Blessed day.

I always enjoy reading your stories. u will get used to your new home also. even i have shifted to a new place last month only and getting used to it...take care, hugs.

Your tummy told you a message.." Ouch..take care of yourself and me too". The body talks.We need to listen.Hope you are better this afternoon Luv, Owlie