One Foot In Reality and One ????

    One foot in reality, knowing what's right,knowing what works,having a sense of security, having the feeling of being on solid ground. and on the other foot there is insecurity,shyness, fear,loneliness ,weak footing in the search for stability.
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8 Responses Jul 12, 2007

Ok, now we are foot in front of the other... slowly learning to walk past the uncertanty. in front of the other. in front of the other.

One foot in front of the other, eh....!?

one foot out the door is a scary thought. I find it's just an uncertanty and in that sence maybe it is what can make you fear commitment. I think it is the case for me anyway.

I have an unbalanced feeling too. But more like one foot on the ground and living my life and the other off somewhere else, which keeps me from really committing myself to things. One foot out the door is suicide a second at a time.

mines on a banana peel!

Footprints In the Sand might be a good poem for motivation for you! Personally, I'm unbalanced as well... as one foot is usually in my mouth!=}