A thought occurred to me today whilst arguing with a very stubborn and "dim" witted individual that; no matter how much common sense I may have, there is NO WAY to telepathically share my common sense with the said idiot(s). This epiphany struck me as funny. My entire life has revolved around giving some people too much credit, in the way of intelligence and common sense, than they deserve. I consider myself of a slightly above average intelligence and it seems wrong to undermine the capacity or abilities of others. However, having spent countless hours, days, months, years... trying to "make sense" to certain people leads me to the conclusion that you must take people at face value. Not implying you should judge a book by it's cover, yet once you realize someone isn't on the same "mental playing field" as you it's to both your advantage to "keep it simple" and stop giving credit where it isn't due.
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You can't teach common sense, you have it or you don't.

It took me awhile to realize that there really are different classes of people and that people really do have different levels of intelligence and common sense. Sometimes I still try to ignore it because it's not exactly PC but as you say, it's hard to dismiss something that is starring you in the face. Let us hope our patience doesn't go out the window when dealing with these individuals! ;-) lol