I Know It Sounds Conceited, But Hear Me Out

     I never thought i was attractive at all until last year. my parents and good friends would told me i was pretty when i was younger, but i never believed them; i always thought it was just something they had to say. i never wore makeup and i didn't do much with my hair or care about my clothes, because i would rather be ugly than fake-gorgeous.

     I had my first real boyfriend the summer before last school year. i never really count that relationship though, because we literally didn't see each other the whole time we were dating. after we broke up i didn't like anyone else, but i found out that two older, very attractive, very cool guys had been talking about me and saying i was hot. the nicer of the two asked me out. i of course said yes. we lasted about two weeks, but he was always telling me how pretty and cute i was and why he thought so. i liked it as any girl would, not really thinking about it, but after we broke up i still had guys looking at me, and nasty guys on the street whistling as i walked by.

     After all of that, i really started looking at myself differently. i started wearing a little makeup and trying out some new stuff with my hair. i guess that's about when i decided, or realized i was attractive. it changed my thinking about myself alto, which is the most important thing to me.

     This story sounds superficial, and conceited and everything else, i know. however, it's not. the point of this is that it changed my thinking about myself, and made me hope that every girl comes to this realization someday. it totally changed my level of self-respect and confidence, and made me really feel like i was worth something.

Tyler Tyler
2 Responses Dec 1, 2006

i dont think this story sounds conceited and i am looking up to you as a role model hopefully i will realize im pretty. I get called pretty by my family and friends but like you i dont believe them becuz what else can they say. I have had instances where men stare me down and sometimes a stranger will call me pretty or georgues. boys call ;me cute but i just tell myself that they are teasing me. When i look in the mirror i see a hideous monster :(

You don't sound stuck up at all. I wish I could feel that way about myself. It is a good thing that you like yourself. Keep that attitude and keep smiling.