I Need Advi Ce

I used to be friends with this girl named katie* she started to backstab me and make fun of me she had to get the numbers of guys that i knew and text them and she had to talk to people on facebook that she does not know. I knew her facebook password and i went on it to read her messages i knew that she would find out if i was not careful i read on the messages she had not read one of them was she was telling a popular senior guy that i talk about him all the time and that i like him today i went on and i accedetaly clicked on a message she had not read yet now she will go on and realize i had gone on her account and i dont want to have her confront me about it I am the only person that knows her password . she should have changed her password and she should keep my name out of her mouth and not talk about me or to people that she does not know i just don t know what to do when she finds out it was me

clarebearDRail clarebearDRail
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1 Response Oct 28, 2009

well thats very mean. i dont think that u having issues. you should tell her to stop.